Lost your keys again?          Join the club.
Just watched my son doing the well remembered rounds of the house, searching each room carefully for his house and work keys.

“I couldn’t live like that,” said his partner. My husband would echo that sentiment because he has watched me many times ‘ hunting high and low for those elusive damned keys!’  Of course, that means that the other half often has to join in the search yet again.

They turn up on the most unusual places- in the washing basket because I’d rushed out to get the washing when I got home. On a chair where I’d left something. In fact, just about anywhere my footsteps had taken me on arrival.

I felt very proud this afternoon when I met Gareth for a sushi lunch as I passed through Gatwick Airport where he works. He has an important job creating and setting up a new wifi system and to be fair he’s been working nights so he was tired this morning. I doubt that he forgets things at work though so why does he forget his keys?

Being really focused is vital at work but so often we switch to automatic pilot and allow our mind to travel to the next important thing rather than being mindful when we do things like opening the door and putting our keys down.

Being right here, right now, in this very moment means noticing with our conscious mind, what we’re doing, what’s happening around us and where we’re putting our keys down. ( Hopefully in the same place each time:)

Take that state of mindfulness a step further and you find the sunshine in a shared moment like the beautiful space my cousin Thomas’s wife created yesterday when we met down near Canterbury after a two year gap.

  “Being mindful is to experience this moment when we’re all together again,” 

It was lovely to have someone stop the flow of conversation to let us appreciate what we’d  got. I literally felt that we had a golden glow around us as I stopped to enjoy the bright afternoon sun shining in the window.

Training a dog can be easier than training a human but that’s only because we might put more time and effort into ensuring the dog has good habits.:)

Follow these simple steps to change your annoying habits:-

  1. Accept that you’re really fed up with your bad habit.
  2. Hold the key in your hand as you lock up and leave. Look at it and tell yourself that when you come back and have it in your hand again, you will know where you’re going to put it after you’ve unlocked the door
  3. Open the door on your return and be aware of the key in your hand.

holding keyRemember you have a key in your hand

  1. That tactile feeling and visual connection together with the mantra ‘I know where my keys are going to go.’ Will work.
  2. Or – “I’m always going to put my keys …..”
key on work bench

Know that you’re going to put it in the same place every day.

Interestingly this was a great success for me until I went away for the weekend. My new habit disappeared when I got back.

Maybe I’ve got a life long habit that needs constant monitoring but I don’t think so. I’m sure I can train myself to be more mindful.

The real question is How have I allowed myself to accept the bad habit I’ve had for nearly nearly fifty years? Wow. That’s a lot of lost keys. Add to that the missing handbag, scarf, phone, water bottle and so on and you’ve got hours of wasted because of my inattention and my own poor management. So let’s ‘Step up” together folks and admit we’ve got a habit.

A habit we CAN change.