This morning I attended a funeral and whilst listening to the inspiring speeches, I reflected that I’d never heard Eric say a bad word about anyone. I knew him as a supportive, caring man with a strong spiritual presence in his Qigong work. How good is that? To be remembered for being the person who didn’t put others down.

A picture of this little gem of a Buddha with his hands over his mouth came to mind and led me to ponder on how hard I find it to ‘speak no evil’. I was a bit shocked when a colleague gave it to me in one of those Secret Santa sessions because I feel that I’m not a nasty person, saying evil things about others.

I do like a gossip as much as the next woman though and we seem to thrive on stories of other peoples’ problems:( The juicy bits of a break up; the details of a sacking; the illness that has overwhelmed an acquaintance. Most of it comes from a caring perspective but what about when we share information about someone that could be negative? The friend who lost her temper; the relative who’s putting on lots of weight, (poor thing).

Author of “The Celestine Prophecy” and “The Secret of Shambhala”, James Redman, writes that our thoughts as much as our words, can actually have an effect on other people. I’ve seen the proof of that at a workshop I attended years ago in Zimbabwe. My kind mentor sent a person outside while the rest of us made some relatively insignificant negative comments about her.

“Her hair is a bit messy today,” one woman said.
“I’m not keen on her dress,” said another.

Of course Eileen had tested Sally’s energy before she went outside using the Kinesiology ‘Muscle Testing’ technique and when she put her arm up at right angles for testing, her energy was strong so her arm barely dipped on being pressed down. On her return however, even though she was none the wiser about our conversations, her arm, when presented for testing, was considerably weaker.James Redfield writes that we have a ‘creative prayer power’ which sets a ‘field’ of energy around us which we nurture through positive thinking, faith and visualization among other things. This field is eroded by negativity.

“Every thought is a prayer essence. Whenever we criticize some group or perceive someone behaving badly and condemn them, it takes us out of our own divine nature.”
How can I then choke back the negative thoughts that are spoiling my field? How can I turn around the gossip?

There’s no mistake that it’s a ‘hard yard’ to undertake.

Step 1
Become more aware of what I actually say instead of switching off to the nuances of a conversation.

Step 2. Don’t engage in the gossip.

Step 3. Don’t pass it on.
But what if someone is saying nasty things about me? How can I not retaliate? Of course we have to be aware of the negatives, but I must try to send out a positive ‘prayer’ for that person to rise above whatever is bringing them down.My starting point I think is not to repeat gossip and try to send out positive ‘prayers’.
Was just about to write – Think it will take a bit of time. Ha ha. Is that a self fulfilling prophecy or what?Instead my intent is that – This is just sooo going to help me to change my vibrational energy☺

PS. When I attended a subsequent workshop with Eileen I volunteered to be the person who was sent outside. Knowing that I might be verbally attacked, I decided to ‘zip myself up’ mentally. Drawing a protective zipper up so that my energy field was strong. Sadly Eileen’s experiment didn’t work that day because the Kinesiology Muscle Testing showed that my arm and therefor my energy was still strong!!