Pottering away in the garage yesterday I found myself in a dilemma. Three of my lovely neighbours had gathered out the front and my first thought was, “Maybe if I hide by the bins they won’t see me.
Wow! Where did that come from?

I’m on stress leave from work and had found it easy to tell friends but suddenly I was faced with the conformist me who had a hidden agenda. My subconscious wanted me to hide from the public, even though I know I’m doing the right thing by having time off work. The same concept raised its head when I went to make an online booking for the doctor and was presented with various options regarding why I wanted to see the doctor.  Of course I couldn’t tick the box named ‘Mental Health’ because that meant I was mentally ill didn’t it?

When these thoughts came in, I was able to go straight across the road to join my neighbours and tell them that I was on stress leave from work. Being aware of the subconscious thoughts leading me in a particular direction, was an eye opener. I’ve had wellness days before and thought nothing of it but when the doctor asked me,

“How long would you like to take off?” and “Have you had any dark thoughts?”  I was a bit shocked. 

He followed this up with,

“You’re doing the right thing by recognising the need for time off now rather than putting it off and later down the track needing much longer off work.”

I really believe that things happen to us for a reason and until we become aware of the patterns in our lives, events keep turning in a certain way until we really see what it is we need to learn.

The gifts for me from this situation are clear: experiencing a truly stressful situation which saw me feeling a bit like a jelly, means that I have a deeper understanding of how other people feel and react when stressed. My coping mechanisms were tested to the limit but they kept me going.  Qigong, meditation, EFT and connecting to the land were really good but I also needed help from my wonderful friends. We talked, we shared and they offered many healing gifts during a retreat. I am so blessed and feel I’m coming out the other side. 

So often we use Social Media to say how wonderful life is so this is another kind of challenge for me, to show what’s happening in my life, instead of smiling and saying ‘Im fine,’ and posting yet another awesome picture of my fun life:) On the other hand if someone is continually miserable online, we tend to steer away from their posts but there has to be a happy medium. Stress is part of our lives and it can have long lasting, damaging effects. Don’t be afraid of what people will think, you’ll find they understand.

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