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Grow to be the best you can be


How can you grow without a benchmark?

Create a healthy, productive environment for your team to grow using the Working with Resilience Toolkit

Working with Resilience


Improve Focus-Feel More Relaxed-Live Longer

GrowMe or GrowUs with 3 specially designed Mindfulness Sessions

Create a SAFE healthy workplace

1 in 5 Australians experience a mental illness every year. You can make a difference

90 Minute seminar for leaders and decision makers

2 Day MHFA course
Introduction to MHFA

Instructor Details

GrowMe and GrowUs are new initiatives from Resilient People

I show awesome people how they can be more awesome.

We deliver training and workshops to suit your needs. Choose from  Resilience Training , Mental Health First AidWellbeing Programmes or bring them all into one, to build resilience and improve performance.


Always enjoy your sessions.   Come out feeling better and less stressed.    You’re wonderful!

Annette, High School Teacher

I relaxed so much but still felt awake and focused.  Highly important in a school environment

Janie, High School Teacher

I didn’t really believe in this stuff to start with but now I really think it can help for my kids.  When can you work with them?

Jo, High School Teacher

I really benefited from this introduction and look forward to doing more.

Sarah, High School Education Assistant

Would love to try and implement this in my Home Room.  Some of those kids really need to learn to relax.

Ryan, High School Teacher

Nice and relaxing – will certainly help me to relax at stressful times.  Help me sleep!!

Barbara, High School Teacher

Really helpful.  Your Happy Smile technique really works!!    Thank you.

Hannah, High School Teacher

Thank you.  Cool and calm plus some fabulous strategies for wellness.  Bravo.

Evan, High School Science Teacher

Measure Resilience

Resilient People can bounce back. Take a step in the right direction with our professional training and coaching packages here in Perth WA. Work with us to facilitate change in your business or on a personal level. Manage your stress with Resilient People.

Resilient People

  • feel more relaxed and happy
  • are more productive
  • take fewer sick days
  • adapt to change more easily

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For the Team:

Work with Elena to design meaningful processes and procedures that can work for your team. Take a long term view and work on the goals you want to implement in your organisation to improve productivity.

For the Individual:

Elena’s Quick Tips provide strategies which are easily implemented during the normal working day without disappearing for half an hour to chant a few Ohms. Learn how to finish the day feeling more relaxed and with more energy. Join Elena in a Workshop or Series of Small Group / Individual Consultations to work through the steps in effecting change and reducing stress. Anxiety can be so debilitating. Learn how to let go and move on.


In the old days, teachers would take the roll and students would answer ‘Present’ meaning I’m here. How many of our students today are in the class but barely ‘present’, in the moment, paying attention and ready to learn? Mindfulness brings those students back to being present. It calms the mind and and enhances the ability to truly focus.  Book a Free Mindfulness Session for teachers and leaders or  book a session for your  Learning Area with a trained teacher and Wellness Coach. 

In 2015, 1 in 5 teenage girls were found to meet the criteria for depression. 1 in 4 had turned to ‘self harm’ at some time in their life. Many say they have experienced bullying of a non physical nature. 

“Why are teachers fleeing the classroom?” was the title of a recent news article at The main reasons they found were lack of support and bullying. Statistics show that 40% exit within the first year of teaching.

Research has shown that Mindfulness Practices, are the best way to cultivate Social and Emotional Learning or SEL, for both teachers and students because self awareness brings with it clarity, focus and non judgement. ** Free Introduction to Mindfulness in Education **  Contact Elena for more details of Mindfulness in Education Courses and Programs.