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5 Tips to Improve Performance

Winning or losing – how much is in the mind?  Recent events in the AFL finals (or quarter and semi finals to European folks), have shown the dramatic effects of the mind games professional players experience with two top Aussie teams getting absolutely hammered recently when it came to their big day. Now with the [...]

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Resilient in the face of vicious attacks and deep bias

How would you cope if you were called a ‘Barren Cow’ (because you chose not to have children) by a member of parliament who then went on to describe what happened to barren cows in Australia’s north? Such vicious hate campaigns were common during Julia Gillard’s time as prime minister, but she explained that our [...]

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How to find your keys – OR – stop losing them!

Lost your keys again?          Join the club. Just watched my son doing the well remembered rounds of the house, searching each room carefully for his house and work keys. "I couldn't live like that," said his partner. My husband would echo that sentiment because he has watched me many times [...]

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Mental Health

Pottering away in the garage yesterday I found myself in a dilemma. Three of my lovely neighbours had gathered out the front and my first thought was, “Maybe if I hide by the bins they won’t see me. Wow! Where did that come from? I’m on [...]

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Righteous Anger

Apoplexy is a lovely old fashioned word which shows me a picture of someone who is so angry that they’re ready to pop.  Politics can make you feel really angry if you’re drawn into it and I’ve got a vivid memory of my father in law as was who would rant and rage at the [...]

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Active Relaxation

Do you surrender your power to others? We've been trained to believe that our teachers know so much more than us and consequently we may stop taking action ourselves. Often we're looking for someone to 'fix' things for us so we sign up for  yet another workshop or we go to yoga once a week [...]

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Inspiration at a funeral

This morning I attended a funeral and whilst listening to the inspiring speeches, I reflected that I’d never heard Eric say a bad word about anyone. I knew him as a supportive, caring man with a strong spiritual presence in his Qigong work. How good is that? To be remembered for being the person who [...]

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What about me?

Close your eyes for a moment and try to answer the question, “What matters most to me?”  The chances are that your thoughts will turn to family and loved ones. But what about you? Service to others and putting other people first is ingrained for many of us so it’s often difficult to push our [...]

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