You can help someone who falls and breaks their arm but what can you do if a friend or a family member has a panic attack or is showing signs of depression? 


Duration:   60 – 90 minutes

Location:   Your workplace, community centre, school ….

Cost:  Not for profit organisations – FREE

Business:   $200 – $300 

2 Day Accredited Course

Two days in one week or one day a week

Location:  City and rural

Cost: $250 per person or by arrangement with organisations

Class size: maximum 20 people

Mixed Course

One day – Wellbeing + Mental Health 

Location: beautiful river venue

Recognise mental health issues. Create a personal care plan. 

Cost: $200 per person or TBA for groups

For event details, contact

Mental Health Education

The idea of ‘First Aid’ isn’t new but although Australia has one of the highest number of traditional First Aiders, understanding of Mental Health First Aid is sadly a long way behind. There is still a sense of shame and a feeling of stigma attached to our beliefs and for me that was highlighted when I was at home on stress leave a few years ago. Like a deer in the headlights, standing outside, I felt trapped when I heard my neighbours talking. My first fear of ‘What if they see me at home?’ turned into shock as a realised that deep inside, I felt ashamed of having a mental health problem. Using that label for myself made me feel like washing my mouth out because my image of self did not include a mental health problem. 

Fortunately for me, I’m pretty resilient so I was able to march out there and tell them my story. Of course they were pretty sympathetic.