VET Kayaking and Snorkelling

Elena is a trained Kayak Instructor and Assessor in Flat Water and White Water with experience in a wide range of kayaking conditions in different locations round the world. As a High School teacher she also has an excellent understanding of the VET system and the need to align professional development to Units of Competency for both the Kayaking and Snorkelling components of the Currency Day. Come to Swan Canoe Club in Mosman Park and enjoy a fabulous day on the river.  


Practising Deep Water Rescues

Thursday 7th December 2017


Snorkelling with Dive Instructors

Our instructors for the Currency Course are highly qualified and very experienced. In the afternoon you will cover risk management and snorkelling skills with either Keith or Peter. Keith describes himself as a ‘dive tragic’ because he lives and breaths for diving and has dived all over the world. When he’s not teaching diving, he’s watching people get out of helicopter  in the pool as the do their escape drill. Peter is the owner of Indi Dive which offers a full range of diving courses and dive holidays.

Enjoy this beautiful location in Mosman Park next to Mosman’s restaurant on Johnston Parade. Swan Canoe Club offers an outstanding facility with a range of kayaks for all types of activities.