How can your team become more Resilient?

The topic of the month on Social Media is the school that does meditation instead of old fashioned detention with really positive results. Mindfulness practices, including meditation brings stillness, clarity, focus and an awareness of one’s own behaviour in the classroom.

What more could a teacher want?

Mindfulness in the workplace is the key to effect real change but what does the word actually mean? If we want to see how something works, we observe very carefully. If we want to introduce a change in the way we operate, we also need to observe our own behaviour and how we interact with others in the team. Being ‘mindful’ is all of that with an added extra – being compassionate and non judgemental. 

Resilient People will work with you and your team to bring an inner sense of clarity, a lasting connection and a feeling of wellbeing.

“Stress degrades the executive functions of the prefrontal cortex which is used for problem solving, creativity and reasoning.” Daniel Rechschaffen

People who have a feeling of wellbeing and connectedness take fewer sick days because they’re more resilient. 

** Free Introduction to Mindfulness Training**
10 sessions available for teams or individuals

Mindfulness in Education

Having implemented mindfulness practices for many years, it’s clear that it’s not an easy ‘add on’. Students are quick to spot a fraud and conversely they are quickly engaged if it’s something you believe in. The starting point has to be the teacher.

Let Elena create a program for your school

Introduce Mindfulness to the school Home Room or to Health. Start the class with five minute stillness and centering session.

Work with Resilient People to change behaviours by implementing a Mindfulness Programme at your school. Elena is a High School teacher in WA with many years of experience and she is also a trained Wellness Coach with a breadth of knowledge and experience in mindfulness teaching.